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Got a Cavity? Let our Seminole FL dentist office show you the right way to handle it

At Dolphin Dental, we make sure each patient is treated with respect for all their dental needs. A cavity is one of the more common issues we help solve …

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Cavity in St. Petersburg, FL

Fluoride in the water doesn’t fix everything
With the recent addition of fluoride back into the water systems around St. Petersburg, FL, we’ve had many questions about cavities. It turns …

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Dentist – St. Petersburg, FL

How to pick one
When you move to St. Pete, it’s a common task to find a new dentist. St. Petersburg, FL has hundreds of dentists in the area so …

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How Can Regular Teeth Cleanings Help You?

Most people don’t realize that a regular cleaning by your dentist in Seminole can be beneficial for your health. To be effective, you should schedule cleaning appointments at least ...

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