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Warning about Toothaches from a St. Petersburg FL dentist office

id you know sometimes toothaches can do a form of magic? In a recent episode of the AMC TV series Mad Men, the Don Draper character shows off the …

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Oral Surgery in St. Petersburg FL Wisdom Teeth Solution

Pain caused by wisdom teeth is the most common reason oral surgery is used with our St. Petersburg, FL patients. While oral surgery can fix many issues, wisdom tooth …

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Toothaches – Seminole FL Dentist Tips on why not to wait to fix it

Our Seminole, FL office is visited frequently with new patients complaining of a toothache. Many times, they have waited too long and now need a more involved procedure than …

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Oral Surgery Seminole FL

A big part of our dental office workload involves oral surgery. Our Seminole, FL patients need an oral surgeon when they encounter things like impacted wisdom teeth. Many dentist …

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