When most people in Seminole hear the word endodontics, or root canal, they immediately picture a scary dental procedure. In reality, root canals have saved millions of teeth from being removed. Still, any dental procedure can be intimidating; the best way to ease your nerves is to understand exactly what is going to happen so there won’t be any surprises.

Some frequently asked questions concerning endodontics in Seminole:

  1. What is endodontics?

This is a branch of dentistry that involves treating the pulp and other tissues around a tooth. The part of your tooth that is covered by your gums is the root, and inside that is soft tissue, called pulp. When bacteria penetrate into your pulp, it can cause the tooth to decay or become infected. Once this occurs, your doctor will remove the diseased tissues to prevent further infection and save the tooth. This procedure is also referred to as a root canal.

  1. How is the infection controlled?

Once your dentist removes the infected tissues, they will disinfect the inside of the tooth, and seal it to prevent reinfection. They may also prescribe you antibiotics, if deemed necessary.

  1. Will there be pain?

While no one can guarantee a pain free procedure, your dentist will do everything in their power to keep it as painless as possible. Endodontic procedures are done to relieve the pain felt from an infected tooth. A local anesthetic will be administered during to keep you feeling comfortable.

  1. What can I expect after my appointment?

Afterwards, you can take over the counter pain medications to alleviate pain, or your dentist may prescribe you prescription pain pills, depending on the case. You should see your dentist for a follow-up within a few weeks to make sure everything looks healthy. There also may be a need for follow-up restoration procedure to be done, but that will be up to your dentist.

Using an endodontic procedure to save your tooth, instead of pulling it, will allow for many advantages. You will have normal biting resistance and force, as well as efficient chewing. Here at Dolphin Dental in Seminole, we offer dental care like you’ve never experienced; we take a personal interest in each of our patients to ensure they feel comfortable, no matter the procedure. For more information, call us today at 727-393-9334.

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