Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

At Dolphin Dental, we know proper oral care makes for a beautiful smile, which is why we offer dental crowns and bridges to our patients in Seminole, Largo and St. Petersburg areas. Even under close inspection, it’s almost impossible to decipher them from teeth that are naturally healthy and beautiful.

When you look at a natural tooth, the structure you see on it is formed by the enamel coating it. This layer covers and protects the “clinical crown” of your tooth, which includes all of the dentine above the gum line. When this area becomes weakened or cracked it often needs to be repaired. This procedure returns the tooth to its original shape and function; it can be composed of porcelain, metal, or even porcelain bonded to a metal base.

Dolphin Dental uses dental bridges to fill gaps in your smile due to the absence of teeth. Like dental crowns, these dental appliances are cemented to the teeth on each side of the gap in order to fill the hole. Not only does this improve your appearance, but it provides you with a healthier mouth by preventing the many severe oral problems caused by a missing tooth.

When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth lose their neighbors’ support and begin to shift. This shift is caused by a change in biting force that is exerted on the tooth, which destabilizes your bite. With the change in pressure, and lack of support to resist movement, the teeth can begin to slowly extrude from their sockets. This not only changes your bite, but damages your jaw joint over time, and makes it difficult to chew food. The resulting movement also introduces hard to clean gaps and potential for cavities and periodontal disease.

The Dolphin Dental Procedure

There are a number of reasons a tooth may need a crown. Those reasons include a cracked tooth, failing large fillings, replacing an ill fitting crown, or rebuilding a decayed tooth where the tooth structure that remains is not strong enough to support filling material.

  • Since the most important part of the procedure is your comfort, the first step is to ensure that the area in which we’ll be working is completely numb.
  • Next, we’ll contour the tooth in order to make a digital scanto fit your new cap. If you are getting a dental bridge, both teeth on either side of the gap will be shaped. During the process we’ll use a string called the retraction cord; this is used to gently push your gums away from your tooth for a more accurate scan.
  • We make most crowns in the office while you wait. No impressions, no temporary crowns, no follow up visit.
  • After the scan is made, we’ll remove the cord and install the temporary cap for you to wear while the permanent one is created in the lab.

If you live in the Seminole, Largo or St. Petersburg area and want to learn more about our dental crown services, call Dolphin Dental now for an appointment: 727-393-9334.

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