Oral Surgery | Tooth Extraction | Wisdom Teeth Removal

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery | Tooth Extraction | Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you need a oral surgery, tooth extraction, or are trying to find a dentist for your wisdom teeth removal, in the Seminole, Largo or St. Petersburg area, Dolphin Dental is right for you. We’re a family practice with decades of combined experience, and we understand that not everyone is thrilled with the thought of oral surgery. That’s why we’re committed to making your visit both painless and stress free.

Whether you need a tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal to prevent compaction, we take a personal interest in your oral health.

First Visit with Dolphin Dental

When you first come in to see us about oral surgery, you’ll receive a complete evaluation. This might also include X-rays in order for us to examine the roots and surrounding bone of your mouth. We’ll ask about any medical conditions you have, and problems you may have experienced with previous surgeries.

We’ll also need you to disclose any medications you are on, including any over the counter pain relievers and / or vitamin supplements. The preparation stage is important to avoid any complications during or after surgery, so it’s important no information is forgotten or left out.

Preparing for Oral Surgery, Tooth Extraction or Wisdom Teeth Removal

Don’t worry; having a tooth removed isn’t as bad as it sounds. We make sure that your mouth is completely numb throughout the procedure. On the chance you do feel anything beyond some mild pressure and tugging, you can always let us know immediately and we’ll stop to provide you with more anesthetic.

Remove Wisdom Teeth with Oral SurgeryWisdom teeth removal is a painless procedure that typically only takes an hour or two to complete. Depending on the complexity of the tooth extraction, we may refer you to a local oral surgeon with whom we frequently work to ensure there are no complications and that the procedure is the best possible experience for you. If the molars have not grown in yet, because often they are so impacted that this is impossible, the procedure is similar. The only notable difference is that we will make small incisions in your gums in order to extract them.

Post Procedure Recovery

After the procedure, you may feel groggy for up to several hours. So whether you live close by in Seminole, or traveled to us from Largo or St. Petersburg, you should make sure to arrange for someone to drive you home. We’ll provide you with post-operative instructions that you will need to follow very carefully in order to minimize problems and avoid any complications. These directions include how to:

  • Control bleeding
  • Relieve pain
  • Avoid particular foods

You will most likely be prescribed a pain reliever to help you stay comfortable, and possibly antibiotics; it’s imperative you carefully follow the directions given with these medications.

Dolphin Dental of Seminole, Largo and St. Petersburg

We believe proper oral hygiene is the most important part of dental care and essential to a quick and safe oral surgery, tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal recovery. We regularly stress to our patients that avoiding future problems with your teeth cannot be achieved with professional cleanings alone; you must pay close attention to proper homecare. After recovery, ensure you resume normal brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash. We recommend our patients consider the use of a power toothbrush for greater effectiveness and ease of cleaning.

If you need oral surgery, a tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal, call us today at 727-393-9334 to schedule an appointment in Seminole, Largo or St. Petersburg.

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