Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are both a medical and cosmetic improvement for your smile that can positively impact you in a life-altering way. Not only is this necessary for your teeth and gum health, it also completes your grin. Dolphin Dental, near Seminole and Largo, has experience in providing the gentle care and personalized attention that consistently keeps our clients calm and satisfied. We use the newest anesthetics and techniques to ensure a comfortable experience.

What is a Dental Bridge?

At Dolphin Dental near Seminole and Largo, we use dental bridges to close the gap between two teeth, typically caused by missing or extracted teeth. The bridge will be made up of crowns that will connect to the anchoring teeth on each side of the gap; then a false tooth will be placed in between. The false ones are called pontics. Unlike dentures that are removable, bridge work is permanently cemented onto natural teeth, also known as abutments.

How Do They Work?

To fully complete your dental bridge, two visits to your dentist near Seminole and Largo are typically necessary. During the first appointment, your dentist will need to check that there is enough room for the crowns and pontics. Next, he or she will make an impression of your mouth in order to create a mold that will be a perfect fit. While the permanent bridge is being created, your dentist will usually give you a temporary one to wear until the next appointment.

The second appointment will consist of your dentist removing the temporary bridge, and putting the permanent one into place. Some adjustments will usually be necessary to make sure it fits well and is comfortable.

For a dental bridge to work well and to last, good oral hygiene is a must. The anchor teeth must be kept healthy, and you should brush and floss twice a day. Regular dental visits and cleanings are recommended.

The materials used for a dental bridge can vary depending on the situation and the area of your mouth. These can include:

  • Porcelain
  • Alloy
  • Gold
  • Resin (a special plastic hardened in a dentist laboratory)

How Can a Dental Bridge Help You?

Teeth need each other for support. When one is lost, the amount of bite force on the surrounding ones is increased, which will negatively affect them. They will begin to shift, and it is possible you may lose even more teeth. In addition, changes in your bite can make chewing your food increasingly difficult. The new way you will chew and bite can also damage your TMJ, or jaw joint.

Once your teeth have shifted, it will become much more difficult to keep them clean. Harmful plaque and bacteria can accumulate in these new, hard-to-reach places, resulting in cavities, periodontal disease, and permanent bone loss.

At Dolphin Dental, near Seminole and Largo, our dental bridges will remedy these issues and stabilize your bite and surrounding teeth by filling in the empty space.

Dental Bridges Can Also

  • Fill in the gaps in your smile
  • Fill in the gaps in your smile
  • Help maintain your face’s shape
  • Prevent other teeth from moving
  • Evenly distribute the forces in your mouth

Dolphin Dental

Here at Dolphin Dental, we are proud of our reputation for standing out by taking a personal interest in the oral health of our clients. Our entire team is devoted to taking care of you for the long term. We keep up with the latest developments in research, technology, and scientific advances to ensure that we are providing you with the best resources and practices possible. Whether you are looking for a new dentist for regular cleanings or dental bridges in Seminole or Largo, we are here to help you! For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 727-393-9334.

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