Luke Lloyd, DDS

Dr. Lloyd Bio

When I was a young boy, I dreamt of becoming a dentist. I can recall from when I was little that there was always a trivial quarrel between my mother and I when it was bath time. I despised taking baths, but when it was time to brush my teeth, I was enthusiastic and prepared!

I grew up in Zanesville, OH about 55 miles east of Columbus. I attended a small Catholic school from preschool to 12th grade. It is a tightly knit group of people who value hard work and determination along with the mission of providing a community in which all can live and grow in faith, scholarship, and service, much like the community here.

I was in the top of my graduating class at Bishop Rosecrans High School and held many leadership roles. I was an All-State athlete in football and track and field. I went on to play college football for four years at Walsh University, a school in NE Ohio. I graduated from Walsh University with honors and then attended The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. I enrolled myself in several electives that my classmates did not. I spent my lunch hours in courses studying periodontal surgery, advanced cardiology and pulmonary classes, to help be a better clinician and understand what is going on in my patient’s life, outside of just their mouths. I also have completed a fellowship in oral implantology where the focus on the rehabilitation of missing teeth with bone grafting and implants.

Among my core values is service to others. Dentistry is the means by which I will be able to pursue my passions and demonstrate my values, ensuring a fulfilling and meaningful career. Other values that I have learned include commitment to goals and engaging with a variety of individuals of diverse backgrounds have expanded my world view and shape my daily life.

I have a beautiful and loving fiancé, Victoria whom I get to marry and call my wife this upcoming February. We are blessed to live here in the Tampa Bay Area as we both love the beaches and all things outdoors.

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