When it comes to dental care, many Seminole residents believe that there isn’t much they can do besides flossing and brushing daily. However this is not the case! From the foods you eat to how often you visit the dentist, there are plenty of factors that are in your control when it comes to keeping teeth healthy and clean.

Some of our favorite dental cares tips to share with our patients include:

  1. Your teeth are made of calcium, and sometimes they may need a little extra. Introducing foods like soybeans, yogurt and cheese into your diet, which are all calcium rich, will help keep your teeth strong.
  2. Besides calcium, not getting enough vitamin C can cause a variety of tooth problems, including bleeding gums and loose molars. Certain citrus fruits, like grapefruits and oranges, will boost your vitamin C. However they can be destructive to your enamel, so balance them out by incorporating them in with your meal, instead of eating them alone.
  3. To keep your smile bright and white, simply avoiding dark drinks like coffee and red wine, as well as marinara sauce, will help. If you just can’t get through the morning without your coffee, make sure to brush right after your finish to battle any possible stains.
  4. Many Seminole residents are unaware that saliva is one of the strongest bacteria fighters in our body. Eating saliva-producing foods like cherries, lemons and limes, will help keep your mouth fighting any bad bacteria. In addition, drinking plenty of water will help clear out any food stuck in your teeth.
  5. Rinse with mouthwash or water after every meal to both kill any lurking germs and help with bad breath.

Dental care doesn’t have to be painful or scary. In fact, the more you do yourself at home to keep your teeth healthy, the quicker your dentist appointments will be! At Dolphin Dental in Seminole we aim to make every single patient to feel as comfortable as possible when they come in our office.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our dental care experts in Seminole, call Dolphin today at 727-393-9334.

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