Aspirin doesn’t help Toothaches. Largo FL dentist tips for painkilling a toothache

“Putting an aspirin on a toothache is like putting an aspirin on the back of your hand for arthritis pain. It doesn’t work,” says Maher Rashid, DMD, of Dolphin Dental, a dentist office serving the Largo, FL community.

Aspirin works by being ingested. Once in the stomach, it starts to make its way to the bloodstream where it helps to block pain signal to the brain. The way it helps to block pain signals is by affecting pain chemicals in the blood stream.

Placing an aspirin tablet on your tooth or gums only helps by allowing the aspirin to slowly dissolve and be swallowed bit by bit. This is a very poor way to get the aspirin into your blood system.

Placing that aspirin on your tooth or gums also allows a chemical burn to take place. The aspirin starts to burn your gums and the inside of your cheek. Usually, when one of our Largo, FL patients attempts this old remedy, they arrive with a chemical burn inside their mouth. It usually looks like some of the gum and check tissue have turned white. That’s not white power from the aspirin, that’s burn damage.

So, yes, aspirin can help with a toothache, but only is swallowed. Do not place an aspirin on your toothache.

Also, utilizing a pain medicine like aspirin should be an indication that it’s probably time to visit your dentist office to help look into the cause of the pain. In almost all cases, the sooner a toothache can be addressed by a dentist, the more simple the “fix” will be.

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