The Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

If your dental hygienist or dentist has advised you to use an electric toothbrush, you may be wondering what benefits you can expect from doing so. In fact, you may even wonder just from seeing advertisements for these devices.

When you use an electric toothbrush, you’ll actually see many benefits. Some of them may be apparent quite soon, while others can take some time to show themselves. In both cases, you’ll never regret the investment in a good electric toothbrush model.

Choosing an Electric Toothbrush

There are several options in this area, ranging from top-notch offerings from Sonicare and Oral-B all the way down to battery-operated kid’s models that cost less than $10. To get the real benefits of the technology, you need to pick one of the better ones. Some battery-operated children’s versions, while they may encourage kids to brush more, don’t work well enough to beat the manual option in terms of effects.

Which electric toothbrush style will work best for you is often a matter of personal preference. With the round types, you typically need to go over each tooth individually, while with the ones that look more like typical toothbrushes, you move them back and forth in a manner similar to manual brushing. People who like to be more meticulous tend to prefer the round ones, while those who just want to get the job done love the increased efficiency of the other ones.

What Makes Electric Toothbrushes Better?

They’re More Efficient

Electric toothbrushes remove more plaque, thereby reducing gingivitis. One study showed that after three months of use, they reduced plaque by 21% and gingivitis by 11%. Others, such as electric toothbrush manufacturer Oral-B, report even greater plaque removal – up to 100% more.

This improvement is likely brought about by the way they work. Electric toothbrushes either oscillate or reciprocate up to thousands of times per minute, while a manual can only do anything at the speed you can move your hand. Because of this, each tooth gets brushed thousands of times more than you can do it manually. Most electric toothbrushes suggest using a light touch, and have extra-soft bristles, so this doesn’t cause damage to your mouth.

They’re Easier to Use

Those who have limited mobility aren’t the only ones who appreciate this aspect. Many find it awkward to have to stick something into their mouths and then move that thing around with good dexterity, all while not being able see what they’re doing other than in the mirror. One of the big benefits of using electric toothbrush models is that there isn’t as much need for precision. While you do still have to contact every tooth with the bristles, the machine takes care of the actual cleaning part.

A Wide Array of Options Helps You Meet Specific Needs

Big, well-known electric toothbrush brands offer models with a huge variety of options. Along with variations in bristle stiffness, you can get versions with pressure sensors, timers, gum massage options, brush head replacement reminders, and more. These options are usually part of the electronics in the handle.

The brush heads themselves may be made to address specific needs. Some are extra gentle for sensitive teeth, remove extra plaque, do more to whiten teeth, and more.

Combining these options lets you get a tailor-made experience that meets your specific needs and makes using the electric toothbrush as comfortable as possible.

There Are Good Versions for Children, Too

Unlike the days of old, the kid’s version of an electric toothbrush doesn’t have to be a cheap throwaway. Though such low-end types do exist, you’ll also find kid’s versions made by Sonicare, Oral-B, and other respectable brands. These are usually kid-sized models of “the real thing,” and will do just as much good for your children as the adult versions do for you.

For kids, an extra benefit of an electric toothbrush is that they may think that it’s fun to use one. This makes it far more likely for kids to brush every day without a lot of complaint.

When buying an electric toothbrush for a child, be sure to check the age recommendations on the box. An adult version may be too powerful for a youngster’s teeth and gums, and with some versions, an adult one may be too big for the child’s mouth.

Need Help Choosing an Electric Toothbrush?

If you have any questions about which electric toothbrush is best for you and your oral health, just give us a call here at Dolphin Dental or ask at your next appointment. We’ll be glad to go over the pros and cons of specific brands and options so that you get the toothbrush that will work best for you.

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