Fluoride in the water doesn’t fix everything
With the recent addition of fluoride back into the water systems around St. Petersburg, FL, we’ve had many questions about cavities. It turns out; there are many misconceptions about cavities.

Most cavities don’t hurt
When many people come to our St. Petersburg dental office with cavities, they are already in pain. But, most cavities that we find during routine cleanings are not causing pain yet. The best time to address cavities is before they progress to the dentin(the inside tooth structure) and start causing pain. Once they get in there, the cavity just keeps growing. So, catching them early gives you an opportunity to prevent needing more involved kinds of dentistry like a root canal.

When a tooth is sensitive, it means it has a cavity developing
This isn’t true all the time, since tooth sensitivity can be caused by many things. When a tooth changes suddenly and starts being sensitive to cold or sweets, it’s certainly a warning sign to get the tooth checked out. But, there are many situations where teeth sensitivity can be temporarily activated. Some of these situations include grinding your teeth at night during stressful times, and things as simple as eating cold ice cream.

You do need to address cavities in “baby teeth”
Baby teeth can certainly develop cavities. Treating cavities in baby teeth involved some educated planning. When a pediatric dentist finds a cavity forming, they may just recommend keeping an eye on it if the tooth is due to come out in the next 12 months. But, if it is going to stay in the mouth for a few more years, the cavity should be addressed before causing an infection and pain.

Aspirin should not be placed next to a tooth
The old myth about placing an aspirin next to a tooth is a bad idea. Aspirin works best by being digested. Placing an aspirin next to a tooth can actually cause a burning sensation on the gums.

The moral of the story is to make sure you have a routine dental check up at least once a year, preferably twice a year. Finding dental issues like cavities before they cause pain is a key to preventing pain and more involved situations.

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