Crack! – Your timeline from a broken tooth to a pain-free crown
So you’re in Largo, FL enjoying your favorite crab cakes, when you bite into a shell and crack a tooth. This is the beginning of a short adventure to a fixed and pain-free tooth. Most times, broken teeth are fixed with the installation of crowns. Largo, FL has many options for dental care and our office gets its fair share of patients with tooth pain. Sometimes, placing a crown on a tooth is the best way to go. Here are the steps we take:

Initial visit – address the pain, stop further damage
The number one goal of the initial emergency visit to our office is to dull the pain. Secondarily, we try to stabilize the tooth and stop further damage. A jagged tooth, can cut your tongue and the inside of your cheeks. A partially cracked tooth can be secured to prevent a full fissure. The dentist will make an impression, or mold, of what’s left of the tooth. This is sent to a facility that can create a permanent crown to be installed on your second visit. Usually, you’ll walk away from the first visit with a temporary crown, a pain medication prescription if needed and an appointment to return in a couple weeks for the installation of the permanent crown.

Second visit – installing crowns
By the time you return for your second visit, a permanent crown will have been constructed. The dentist will remove the temporary crown and test the fit of the permanent crown. Once the fit is perfect, the crown will be cemented in place. And, you’re done.

After the second visit
With any luck, new crowns fit well and patients walk away comfortable and pain free. In some cases, patients feel their bite is not back to the way it was and they return for a short adjustment of the crown.

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