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With each seasonal influx of snow birds to the Seminole, FL area, our dentists get the opportunity to meet new vacationers in the area. Sometimes a little shift in their eating habits like a little salt water taffy at the beach or a shell in a crab cake can cause a problem with their teeth or dental work that brings them by for a visit to our Seminole, FL office.
Many times, we’re discussing dental crowns and what they really can and can’t do for them. Some of the more popular myths about dental crowns are:

If I get a crown on my tooth, it’s protected and can’t get any worse.
Actually, the health of the gums around the tooth are critical to the longevity of what’s left of your crowned tooth. So, the need for regular brushing and flossing it still there.

Dental crowns are too expensive.
The price of a crown can vary on a number of different factors. You have options regarding the materials used because people are usually less sensitive to how the tooth appears based on whether it is in the front or back of the mouth. In addition, there are a variety of options for the material used in constructing a dental crown. Crowns also help to prevent a tooth from getting worse and needing more significant dental work.

Don’t dental crowns look different from the color of my teeth?
The materials used to create the dental crown come with a variety of options. But, for people focusing on a crown in the front of the mouth, where the appearance of the tooth is most important; there are a number of things a dentist can do to help. The dentist can create a texture on the surface of the tooth to mimic your other teeth. In addition, the dentist office can order the color of the crown. Varieties include many shades and combinations of white, gray, yellow and brown to simulate the natural shades of teeth.

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