Do I need dental crowns? St. Petersburg, FL dental office advice.
With the fluoride being placed back in the water in St. Petersburg, FL, we’re getting a wave of questions about dental health here in our office that serves St. Petersburg. Some of the frequent questions address what dental crowns are and why a patient may need one.

A crown is normally a kind of cover that goes over a tooth to help support it. Teeth may need supporting in a variety of situations ranging from:

  • Supporting a weakened tooth or cracked tooth.
  • Needing to support what’s left of a tooth that has a large filling.
  • Needing to support a dental bridge
  • Needing to cover a dental implant

The crown itself is like a little hat that completely covers the tooth (or implant). Having dental crowns placed on your teeth usually takes two trips to the dentist office. The first trip allows your St. Petersburg dentist to prepare what’s left of the tooth, to make a mold, and to place a temporary crown on it. On your second visit, the dentist will be able to replace the temporary crown with the customized and fitted crown that was created using a more permanent material like ceramic or porcelain.

Choosing what material the crown will be made of is a decision that you should discuss with your dentist. Some materials are stronger than others. Some dental crowns can be made to improve the color of the resulting tooth. The cost of the different kinds of construction can also vary. In addition, the decision should also take into account where the tooth is located in your mouth, because most people want to make sure the teeth in front get a little more attention concerning their appearance.

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