Taking proper care of our teeth is not only important for our health, but for our self-confidence as well. After all, they are often one of the first things people see when talking to us, so it’s no surprise when people with crooked or gapped teeth wish to correct their smile. At Dolphin Dental Group of Seminole, Florida we offer dental bridge services for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

What is a dental bridge?

These bridges are used to close gaps between teeth—most often to replace missing or extracted teeth. They are made of crowns that connect to the anchoring teeth surrounding the gap, also known as “pontics.” As opposed to dentures, which you can take in and out every day, dental bridges are permanently cemented in place, so you won’t ever have to worry about them once they’re in place (other than, of course, to clean them!).

There are different materials available for the dental bridges (porcelain, alloy, gold, resin, etc.), and the type you have will depend on a couple different factors, such as the health of your teeth and gums and the location within your mouth. The traditional crown pontics are most common, but others include cantilever, used when adjacent teeth are only on one side of the gap being filled, and Maryland bonded bridges, where porcelain is fused to a metal framework.

How the Procedure Works
If you need to replace a missing tooth with a bridge, you are most likely going to require two separate visits to our Seminole office. The first one is where we will perform an examination and take impressions to create a perfect fit for the pontics. During this visit, a temporary bridge will be installed. In the next visit, that will be replaced with a permanent one.

The dental bridge procedure is both gentle and safe. At Dolphin Dental Group, we specialize in dental restoration and use only the latest aesthetics and techniques on our clients to give them the brightest, healthiest smile possible!

Reasons You May Need Dental Bridges

If you are unhappy with your smile, are missing a tooth, or want to learn more about how dental bridges might benefit you, give our Seminole office a call today. Some of the many ways in which these bridges have helped some of our other clients include:

  • Filling in gaps in smile
  • Maintaining face shape
  • Preventing shifting of teeth

When you lose teeth, chewing and eating food puts more pressure on the other teeth and can eventually deteriorate them and cause oral health issues. Gaps can cause shifting in your teeth, TMJ, and jaw pain. In addition, when teeth shift, it becomes more difficult to keep them clean, increasing your chances of gum disease.

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