Dental implants are on the more expensive side of procedures that you can have performed at the dentist office. But, the reason they are so popular is because of the benefits. As a dentist office serving Largo, FL, our staff handle dental implants on a routine basis.

Trying to find out learn more about dental implants costs and benefits? Our Largo, FL dentist office would be happy to answer your questions. Why not give us a call at Dolphin Dental?

The customer service focus of our dental practice means we explain the costs, benefits and limitations associated with any procedure we propose. Our hope is for our patients to be able to make the best and most informed decision possible before starting any procedure.

With dental implants, the costs range from $1000-3000, and vary due to many factors specific to the patient.

The type of dental implant can greatly affect the cost. There are kinds of implants that screw directly into your jawbone. Others actually pass through your jawbone for create an anchor point and still others fit over the jawbone like a plate. Your personal situation will determine which kind might be recommended.

The number of teeth and their position can also affect cost. A single tooth is a different situation from multiple teeth. Multiple teeth next to each other is a different situation form multiple teeth that are located in different areas of your mouth.

One major benefit to implants is their ability to secure dental hardware in a way that feels very natural. By being affixed to the jawbone, titanium screw actually bond with the bone to form a strong anchor point for hardware.

“While other teeth can be used in many cases to secure bridges and caps, an implant is usually a stronger anchor point,” says Dr. Maher Rashid, DMD at Dolphin Dental, a dentist office serving the Largo and surrounding areas.

Our friendly dedicated staff greets you by name and with a warm smile. Dr. Maher Rashid, Dr. Murad Rashid, and our entire team of experienced dental professionals are committed to treating you with respect, personal attention and a higher level of care that comes from decades of combined dental experience. At Dolphin Dental Group, we take the time to listen because there is simply no better way to ensure you get the gentle care and beautiful smile you deserve. We take care to make our dentistry practice the best it can be. We serve the Seminole, Largo, and St. Petersburg, Florida areas.

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