Amazing facts, from a local dentist office.

As a dentist office serving the Largo, FL community, we’ve had the privilege to help thousands of patients with their dental needs. In some cases, the need for a dental implant arises and we strive to answer all our patients’ questions about them so they can make an informed decision about their health.

Many times, our Largo, FL patients are amazed at how dental implants work and how they can help their personal dental situation.

Implants have been around for a long time.
There is evidence that they Mayan civilization in 600 A.D. were using a kinds of implants consisting of seashells and different stones.

Implants actually fuse with the jawbone
It’s easy to understand how a dental implant would fit into the jawbone to provide and anchor point for dental hardware. But, most people don’t initially know that titanium has a special property: it fuses to the jawbone. In 1952 an orthodontist was running an experiment about how bone healed and noticed that titanium promoted a fusion effect where the bone surrounding titanium grow and fuses to titanium implants. This discovery is the reason modern dental implants are as successful as they are.

Implants can now handle more than one tooth
Initially dental implants were used to help in replacing a lost tooth. Currently dental implants are routinely used to help anchor not only a single tooth, but an entire set of dentures.
Implants aren’t smooth

The surface of a modern implant that touches the jawbone is purposely roughed up to create more surface area for the bone to fuse to. Different techniques are used to create this effect including acid etching and sandblasting the implant before it is inserted into the jawbone.

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