Need Dental Implants? – They’re not as scary as they sound. Here’s why.

The idea has been around for a long time
While many dentist offices have been around St. Petersburg for years and years helping patients with dental implants, there are records of them going back to 600 AD and being made from shells. Modern dental implants are constructed from titanium and are very strong. By having the dental implant attach directly to the jaw bone, it provides an anchor point for many dental solutions.

Implants are a great way to get back to a comfortable bite
Implants are designed to create an anchor point for whatever your teeth and bite need. Modern implants are firmly attached to the jaw bone and the body actually accepts the implants and grows bone material around the implant to make it even more secure.

Dental Implants stick around
Once they are installed, the pieces if dental work that attach to them can be adjusted and updated down the road, without having to re-install the implant piece. The implant can support things like crowns, bridges and dentures. They are designed to help prevent needing to come back for visits to fix things with less secure attachments.

A visit for an implant is like other kinds of dental visits
A visit for a dental implant will typically last about an hour. Just like other dental visits, once you get the anesthesia, you just wait around in the chair until the work is done.

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