Okay, so it looks like you may need a dentist to handle your wisdom tooth extraction in St. Petersburg, FL. At Dolphin Dental, our office focuses on making this kind of appointment as pain-free as possible. When a patient shows up for a wisdom tooth extraction, we start by greeting them at the front desk. This is our first opportunity to let you know we appreciate your business and the trust you are sharing with us while we handle this painful situation.

We’ll take a few minutes to talk about your situation and any concerns and questions your may have about the plan for the procedure. Once we’re sure you’re comfortable with moving forward, we’ll need to take a good look at the wisdom tooth that is causing you concern.

We’ve invested in a digital x-ray system that will take the x-rays and then place them on a high definition computer screen for us. We’ll show you how your teeth are lining up and where the trouble spots are located.

At this point, we’ll be able to let you know how we’d recommend addressing the issue. If it looks like extracting the tooth is the best way to go, we can usually perform the procedure in the office on that first visit.

Our approach to wisdom tooth extraction is to focus on both performing a safe procedure and on limiting any pain you may feel. The effectiveness of our modern pain management techniques frequently surprises our patients. We constantly work to dispel the old reputation of dental procedures being painful and awful experiences.

Our wisdom tooth extraction patients usually leave feeling much better and in less pain than when they arrive. After a couple days of taking it easy and weaning off the pain medication, patients usually report back having a feeling of relief due to being rid of the wisdom tooth problem.

“Placing our follow-up calls to patients after procedures like a wisdom tooth extraction is one of our staff’s favorite things to do. The feedback they get from patients feeling better is a special kind of reward for our team members,” says Maher Rashid, DMD at Dolphin Dental, serving St. Petersburg, FL.

Our friendly dedicated staff greets you by name and with a warm smile. Dr. Maher Rashid, Dr. Murad Rashid, and our entire team of experienced dental professionals are committed to treating you with respect, personal attention and a higher level of care that comes from decades of combined dental experience. At Dolphin Dental Group, we take the time to listen because there is simply no better way to ensure you get the gentle care and beautiful smile you deserve. We take care to make our dentistry practice the best it can be. We serve the Seminole, St. Petersburg, and Largo, Florida areas.

We would like to be your St. Petersburg, FL dentist office. Please Contact Us to let us show you how much we care about our patients.

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