If you are self-conscious about your smile or hate to eat in a St. Petersburg restaurant because of missing teeth, dental bridges could be the answer to restore your smile. Made of medical material, they can fill in any gaps between teeth with realistic and permanent replacements.

When you lose teeth, the remaining ones have to work harder to do the same amount of work. Often, this leads to shifting and increased erosion. Other problems may include food and bacteria accumulating in the space where teeth are missing. A bridge can fill these gaps and bring your mouth back to optimal health.

Types of Dental Bridges:

There are several materials that dental bridges can be made out of. Your St. Petersburg dentist will help you pinpoint which is the best option for your situation. Some common materials include:

  • Porcelain: Porcelain can be easily sculpted and is a durable material that will give you a natural look.
  • Alloy: Metal options are very strong and can come in several colors including gold or a silver-grey. They will not tarnish and are less likely to chip or break than other materials. While their look is less natural, they offer higher resiliency.
  • Resin: Resin options are built using a composite resin that is molded around existing teeth, hardened and colored to bring a healthy look to deteriorating teeth.

Cost and Care:
Bridges can usually be completed by your St. Petersburg dentist within two visits. Your first appointment will be a consultation and a time to make the impressions for the mold. The second visit will be the installation and adjustments. Often, a patient can wear a temporary solution between these appointments.

While the cost will depend on the severity of the gap and the condition of the surrounding teeth, insurance plans often help financing this type of procedures. It’s also important to consider that dental bridges can be a permanent solution to your oral issues. They often last at least 15 years with proper care and regular hygiene visits. Just like natural teeth, they need daily cleaning and regular checkups. Brushing and flossing regularly along with proper nutrition is all your bridge needs to last a long time.

If you need help getting your picture-perfect smile back, call Dolphin Dental in St. Petersburg to set up an appointment at 727-393-9334.

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