Got a Cavity? Let our Seminole FL dentist office show you the right way to handle it

At Dolphin Dental, we make sure each patient is treated with respect for all their dental needs. A cavity is one of the more common issues we help solve on a day to day basis in our Seminole, FL office.

Give us a call if your tooth hurts and you suspect a cavity is forming. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment right away to address the situation. If you are a friend of one of our patients, please let us know, so we can thank them for referring you to us.

Addressing a cavity right away is important because a cavity is a one way trip. As a cavity worsens, dealing with the effects becomes more difficult and more expensive. A normal cavity can be cleaned out and filled with a 30 minute dentist appointment.

But, a cavity left to itself will fester and eventually create the opportunity for an infection to occur inside the tooth. This infection is usually very painful because the root of the tooth is being attacked and dying. As the tooth root dies, the tooth loses most of its defenses. A “dead tooth” will become brittle over time and eventually need a root canal or to be pulled. At that point, no amount of brushing will help the tooth.

Our dentist office uses modern procedures and a digital imaging system to allow us to find cavities as they occur and to show you on our computer monitors just where the cavity is. The computer system allows us to have digital images of your teeth year after year to help identify changes to your teeth and bite.

With routine cleaning and imaging, our office is able to catch minor cavities before they progress to become major issues.

Our friendly dedicated staff greets you by name and with a warm smile. Dr. Maher Rashid, Dr. Murad Rashid, and our entire team of experienced dental professionals are committed to treating you with respect, personal attention and a higher level of care that comes from decades of combined dental experience. At Dolphin Dental Group, we take the time to listen because there is simply no better way to ensure you get the gentle care and beautiful smile you deserve. We take care to make our dentistry practice the best it can be. We serve the Seminole, St. Petersburg, and Largo, Florida areas.

We would like to be your Seminole, FL dentist office. Please Contact Us to let us show you how much we care about our patients.

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