Gum Disease in St. Petersburg, FL sneaking up on you?
Being a local dental office that offers patients help with all their dental issues including Gum Disease in St. Petersburg, FL. Gum disease is the common term for the medical condition of Periodontal Disease. During an exam we occasionally need to let patients know that we’re seeing signs of gum disease. When that happens, it’s not uncommon for patients to be surprised because of the lack of any pain in their mouths.

Because of this lack of pain, gum disease is a sneaky thing. The disease actually moves between two defined degrees of intensity as it progresses and worsens. Both the lesser ,Gingivitis, and the more severe ,Periodontitis, may lack any pain symptoms.

How to spot gum disease:

Receding gum lines
Part of the gum disease progression includes the disintegration of the supporting jaw bone structures near the affected teeth. This makes the gums recede down closer to the jaw and exposes more of the lower part of the tooth. This causes a visual change in your smile. You’ll be able to see larger gaps between the teeth and the teeth will look larger.

Gums that easily bleed when brushing and flossing
With the infection and disintegrating support for the teeth comes the symptom of frequent bleeding. The body is trying to fight the infection in the gum lines and flossing and brushing (though necessary) can cause some bleeding. If you notice bleeding every night when you brush or floss, it’s definitely time to see your dentist.

Teeth getting loose
As the supporting gums and bone structures recede, the teeth have less to support them. Progressing gum disease will cause teeth to become lose, eventually creating a need to have them removed.

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