How gross is plaque? A Seminole, FL dentist office shares the yuck with you

What if I told you there was a disgusting growth trying to attach itself to you right now? That is the job of plaque. What if I told you the plaque in your mouth was referred to in medical texts as a “colonizing bacteria?’ Would you want to grab your tooth brush right away? We hope so. At our Seminole, FL dentist office, plaque is our constant enemy.

Did you know that within 48 hours, plaque starts to harden to your teeth? That’s right, harden; turning yellow and becoming tartar. That’s the stuff that gets scraped off our teeth at check ups.

Plaque has spent millions of years evolving and attacking teeth. But how smart is that plaque bacteria? Did you know a tooth is the only part of the human body that doesn’t have a routine process in place to shed and replace the cells that it’s made of? This makes your teeth prime targets for an organism that just wants to attach, hang on and replicate.

Okay, so you have some hardened yellow crust on your teeth, that’s not so bad is it? Well, here’s the next step in plaque’s attack. Plaque has a plan. Did you know plaque uses sugar? That’s right. It uses sugar for energy and leaves a kind of acid behind in the process. That acid on your teeth begins to dissolve them. That’s how cavities come along.

So, if a colonizing bacteria in your mouth isn’t gross enough to get you to brush, maybe defending against a replicating acid producing organism is.

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