Transitioning to dentures can be a difficult process without the help and knowledge of your St. Petersburg dentist. Dolphin Dental can provide all of the information you need to care for your new smile. Here are some crucial tips when it comes to cleaning and maintaining:

Handle With Care
Dentures can be fragile and can easily be damaged if dropped on the hard floor or counter top. When handling them, try to do so over carpet, a folded towel or even a sink full of water. These buffers can prevent any cracks or chips in the teeth or attachments.

Brushing and Rinsing
Thoroughly cleaning your new teeth is crucial to their upkeep, and your health. Just like your natural teeth, these new ones need to be brushed often to remove remaining food or plaque. When it comes to brushing your dentures, here are some specific tips to help with the process:

  • Use a brush with soft bristles specifically designed for cleaning.
  • Avoid using a hard-bristled brush to prevent damage or excessive wear and tear.
  • Be sure to brush all surfaces of the teeth without causing damage to the attachments.

The best cleaning solution to use will be a non-abrasive cleaner. Be sure to avoid harsh cleansers, bleaching liquids, and regular toothpaste. These can be harsh on the teeth and attachments and can cause them to become brittle and break easily. You can also buy specific cleaning paste that will be gentle, while still cleaning thoroughly. If you decide to use a tablet to soak them in, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly.

Take Care of your Mouth

Even if you are taking great care of your new teeth, it is still important to maintain your dental health for the rest of your mouth. Each morning you should brush your gums, tongue, and palate with a soft-bristled brush. This helps stimulate circulation in your tissues and also removes plaque.

If you are in need of dentures, be sure to call Dolphin Dental in St. Petersburg at 727-393-9334 to schedule an appointment and discuss your options. Our team can answer any questions you may have about your new smile and the care it will need to last!

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