Immediate Dentures


Immediate Dentures

If many of your teeth have become loose or painful, you may have passed the point where they can be saved. This is usually caused by advanced periodontal disease. Removing your teeth and replacing them with a denture may be the best way to avoid infection and restore health to your mouth.

At this stage, one of the best solutions is an immediate denture. An immediate denture is a denture that is fabricated in advance and placed in your mouth the same day your teeth are removed. One of the main benefits of an immediate denture is that you will be able to eat, talk, and function quite normally while your mouth heals. It’s reassuring to know that you don’t have to spend time without replacement teeth.

Fitting an Immediate Denture

Here’s what’s involved:

On a preliminary visit, we’ll take an impression of your mouth, so we are able to create a denture that fits your mouth precisely. We’ll also work together to select the best color and shape of the teeth for your new denture.

Once the dental laboratory has completed the fabrication of the denture, we’ll arrange your placement appointment. At the placement appointment, we’ll make sure you’re thoroughly numb, remove your remaining teeth and place and adjust your new denture. We’ll then schedule a series of follow-up appointments to adjust your denture and check the healing process.

What to Expect After Being Fitted With Immediate Dentures

Your new denture will feel tight for the first twenty-four hours because your gums will be swollen after the extractions. As your gums shrink over the next six to nine months, your denture will begin to feel loose. When this happens, we’ll use a temporary lining material to tighten the fit. After this healing period, we’ll either construct an entirely new denture, or send your immediate denture back to the laboratory to have it relined for the final fit.

Some temporary problems are a normal part of getting an immediate denture.

  • At first the denture may tip when you chew.
  • You may notice increased salivary flow.
  • The denture may feel bulky.
  • You may have a heightened gag reflex, and your tongue might feel crowded.
  • You may also have some difficulty speaking normally.

Like any new skill, it will at first seem awkward to eat with your new denture. But with time and practice, you’ll make the adjustment. Nobody likes to lose their teeth, but when your teeth are infected, removing them and getting an immediate denture can improve your health, your smile, and your confidence.

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