Implant Retained Lower Denture

Bonded Fillings

Implant Retained Lower Denture

Are you considering or already wearing a lower complete denture? Do you hate using denture glue to TRY to stabilize your teeth. Would you like to eat what you WANT rather than what you CAN? Implants stabilization of dentures is a treatment that is truly life changing for most patients. It may not cost as much as you think to have the benefits of dental implants.

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A little more about implants from a technical perspective. Lower Dentures can be stabilized with as few as two implants. Most patients will have enough bone for this time tested treatment. Our office has advanced 3D X-Ray technology that will help us determine within minutes whether we can improve you oral health with dental implants. We perform most of these procedures from start to finish without referral to any other office.

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