Implant Support Fixed Bridge

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Implant Support Fixed Bridge

When you have small number of teeth that are missing or badly damaged, replacement with a Dental Implant Supported Bridge may be a great option for rebuilding a segment of your teeth. If you need and want to replace multiple teeth with a solution that looks, feels, and functions naturally then we recommend exploring the possibilities in implant dentistry to meet your goals.

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A little more about implants from a technical perspective. There are generally three parts to a fixed bridge dental implant restoration: Implants/Abutments/Fixed Bridge. The implants themselves are a replacement of the roots of the teeth. When teeth become too badly damaged or decayed to rebuild, implants are a great option for replacement. Abutments are utilized as a connector to link the implants to the bridge. The bridge is similar to a bridge on natural teeth. It is the part you will see, but it needs to be well supported by the implants and abutments.

In implant dentistry it is VERY important that these parts fit together with the highest precision and accuracy so the investment you make can last many years. Not all dental offices take this need for attention to detail as seriously as we do. We would love the opportunity to show you how dental implants can improve your oral health and your life in general.

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