No matter how many dentists you ask around Seminole, they will all tell you that preventive care and early detection is the key to achieving and maintaining good oral health. The best way to keep your smile looking great is with complete exams annually.

What Does It Include?
Routine exams can catch any small problem that could rapidly become a much larger dental issue. When you get in for your checkup, your care provider in Seminole will usually perform:

  • A periodontal check will include examining your gums and bones to ensure there aren’t any signs of periodontal or gum disease. You can also expect this to include an oral cancer screening and an occlusal exam.
  • A dental exam consists of examining each tooth looking for cavities, ensuring any previous dental work is still in place, and identifying any procedures that may be needed. At this time your dentist will also take a look at the overall appearance of your teeth.
  • X-rays allow the identification of any cavities, and helps with the inspection below the visible gum line

After an exam, your doctor will take the time to discuss with you any existing condition that may require special attention. It is not uncommon to have healthy teeth that do not require any work, but including a general cleaning is always good.

Teeth cleanings are necessary for anyone since many of the foods we eat and drink, including tea, wine, sodas, and sauces, are responsible for staining. While routine brushing every day takes care of eliminating residues, a dentist can handle the buildup plaques.

Who Should You Call?
If you are looking for an oral care provider around Seminole, contact Dolphin Dental. The doctors there are dedicated to providing each patient with the best care possible, and are constantly improving their methods.

You will find experienced professionals who can perform any dentistry work you may need. From your annual exams to surgery to cosmetic procedures, your oral hygiene will be in good hands.

To schedule your next comprehensive exam at Dolphin Dental in Seminole, give them a call at 727-393-9334 or request an appointment online.

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