Pain caused by wisdom teeth is the most common reason oral surgery is used with our St. Petersburg, FL patients. While oral surgery can fix many issues, wisdom tooth pain is one of the most routine uses of it.

With wisdom tooth pain, one of the wisdom teeth in the back of your mouth has failed to properly emerge through the gum line. In some cases the wisdom tooth is partially exposed, but angled and pushing oddly on another tooth. Pushing on that other tooth can cause mild to severe pain.

When a wisdom tooth has partially emerged, it can also lead to difficulty in cleaning the tooth and the teeth next door. Over time, this cause the normal build up of plaque that leads to cavities and pain in your gums.

Occasionally, a wisdom tooth finds a way through the gum line by going out sideways, toward the cheek. This usually results in a continuous sore on the inside of the cheek from the rubbing of the tooth that frequently festers with pain and infection.

Lastly, sometimes wisdom teeth fail to erupt from the gum line. They may not have room, or they may be angled, or “laying down” inside the gum line. In this case, they almost always cause ongoing pain.

Our dental office that serves St. Petersburg routinely handles these oral surgery situations. Our first concern is to make sure the patient starts some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication to help with the infection, swelling and pain.

The second step is to take case of the removal of the wisdom tooth via a visit to the office. Follow-up to the oral surgery usually just involves a few days of pain medication, if needed at all, to help patients through the healing process as the gum line heals up.

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