Partial Dentures St. Petersburg FL Dentist Perspective

As a growing city with a strong representation from the retirement community, partial dentures are a common topic we discuss with our St. Petersburg, FL patients. Many times patients ask about how partial dentures can help their bite and the appearance of their smile.

Partial Dentures come in two types, a partial removable denture, and a permanently fixed version usually called a bridge.
Both versions of dentures help to address issues with:

  • Your bite
  • The appearance of your teeth
  • Preventing further deterioration of your teeth
  • Preventing infections and things like root canals

When is a partial denture the right choice?
A partial denture is a common alternative to a more permanent bridge when a bridge can’t be properly permanently secured. Partial dentures are also typically easier on the budget. Your St. Petersburg, FL dentist will be able to explain the options.

What kind of maintenance do dentures require?
All partial dentures need cleaning, but whether they should be removed to be cleaned varies on a case by case basis. Usually the process is to take the partial denture out and to scrub it with a tooth brush and non-abrasive paste. Typically the cleaning is done over a towel or plastic bowl. The trick is to prevent any damage to the dentures if they get dropped during the cleaning process.

Will dentures feel weird or hurt?
Dentures usually take a few weeks to get used to. They can feel big and you may see a temporary increase in saliva. No pain should be felt once they are placed in your mouth. The custom construction usually results in a near-perfect fit.

How do dentures affect my smile?
Dentures are designed to match the current color condition of your teeth, so they don’t stand out as looking artificial. Your dentist should be able to create these customized pieces to both match the shape of your mouth and your teeth color.

Partial dentures and bridges can be good solutions to oral issues. A good dentist will take the time to talks about options relevant to your dental and financial situation so you can make the best choice for you.

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