With St. Petersburg getting fluoride back in the water, our patients are asking about how it can help their teeth to keep them in shape and prevent plaque build-up. We always let our patients know the fluoride has been shown to help prevent tooth decay. But, you should always keep following your dental hygiene practices.

Plaque is a mix of many kinds of bacteria that try to adhere to your teeth. As it forms, it assumed a soft and malleable texture that can be scraped off with things like a tooth brush or fingernail. But, if left on the teeth for as little as 48 hours, the plaque starts to harden. By the ten-day mark, the plaque is hard and very had to remove. Later, your dental office technician uses a specialized instruments to get that hardened plaque, called tartar, off your teeth.


Everybody knows to brush their teeth at least once a day. Brushing twice a day is even better. While you brush, use that up and down motion and get behind the teeth in back. Many times plaque will accumulate on the tooth surface closest to the gums. So don’t be afraid to brush the gums, but make sure you are using a soft bristle toothbrush.


The best thing about flossing is that it can reach the places the brushing can’t. A toothbrush doesn’t do a good job betting between teeth that are touching and also can’t reach below the gum line in the space between teeth.


Modern dental advice now includes using a dental rinse to help address the bacteria in the mouth that forms plaque. When selecting a mouth rinse, pay attention to its label. Some mouth rinses are only designed to help you feel your breath is improved. Therapeutic mouth rinses actually try to kill of some bad bacteria in your mouth to help prevent the plaque build-up.
Look for the American Dental Association’s (ADA) seal on the mouth rinse packaging. The ADA even has a page dedicated to answering questions about mouth rinses.

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