Some patients experience sensitivity in the teeth during the whitening process. You can handle this by reducing the amount of time the trays are in and by alternating days. Whiten one day and then take the next day off. If the sensitivity is persistent we advise you to call the office and schedule an appointment to meet with the dentist or hygienist or come by to pick up some prescription fluoride to use in your custom trays.

Some patients experience sensitive gums during the whitening process. This is most likely due to excess gel leaking out of the top of the tray. Please reduce the amount of gel placed in each “tooth”. Remember, you only need a matchstick sized amount.

If you feel that your teeth are being stubborn and are not seeing the results you anticipated, call to schedule a consult so that the dentist or hygienist can visit about your options. You may need to increase the percentage of active agent in the gel or whiten more often and possibly for longer. Teeth do not change shade at the same rate. Few patients may need to whiten for several weeks of a higher percentage formulation to achieve the desired result.

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