If you are missing a few teeth, you might be considering asking your St. Petersburg dentist about getting dentures, which is a medical procedure that can prevent shifting and help you to maintain healthy oral hygiene. If you have diseased teeth, or are already missing some, these installments will allow you to live an enjoyable life, without feeling self-conscious about your smile or worried about infection.

The thought of having teeth removed can be very daunting for most people. But at Dolphin Dental we are confident that once you understand the procedure and its many benefits, you will quickly see the value in them. Some of the benefits you will experience include:

  1. Better health. When you have decay in your mouth, your body is constantly working to combat bacteria. Removing the disease, sanitizing the area, and replacing it with clean dentures allows you to live a healthier life. Having infected teeth significantly increases your chances of having to deal with gum disease and other oral problems. Not to mention, the longer you let these decaying teeth go untreated, the more painful it will become.
  2. Eat well. Some of the healthiest food options are crunchy, making them difficult to eat when you cannot comfortably chew anything hard. Your new smile will allow you to eat almost anything you want with ease. In addition, when you are able to fully chew your food, it will be easier for your stomach to digest, and will ensure you get the proper nutrients from your food.
  3. Speak better. When you have gaps in the front of your mouth, your speech can be impaired, and you may not be able to correctly pronounce some words. With dentures, you may need to practice speaking to get used to them at first, but once you are, words will flow perfectly.
  4. No hassle. Once they are fitted, you don’t have to worry about anything but keeping them clean. With the right St. Petersburg dentist installing your dentures, you can rest assured they will feel great, fit comfortably, and look natural. We make sure we take a multitude of x-rays and fittings to ensure the perfect fit.
  5. Look great. Once you have your new smile, you will feel confident and be able to laugh and smile without hesitation. You may not have realized how much missing teeth has affected your face shape, but you will notice the difference when your cheeks are filled out and you have a great looking jawline once again.

If you are considering getting dentures, call Dolphin Dental in St. Petersburg right away. We will help you decide if this is the best choice for you, and will walk you through the entire process. To get started on your new smile, call our office today at 727-393-9334.

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