Teeth bleaching is a popular way to whiten teeth. Thousands of people use a bleaching process each month to change the color of their teeth. We find many patients coming to our office from St. Petersburg, FL to help them correct situations caused by their efforts to use an off-the-shelf whitening kit without contacting their dentist first. Our recommendation is to visit your dentist and talk about bleaching. St. Petersburg, FL has many dentists and yours should feel comfortable fielding your questions, even if they are about home whitening kits.

The most typical situations are:

Pain from sensitive teeth
Many of the whitening home kits use powerful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide to create the whitening effect. Many times, some of the whitening agent can cause sensitivity in teeth and that creates pain. That is part of the reason why most kits include instructions to limit the time the product is applied.

Chemical Pain
If you’ve ever had hydrogen peroxide touch a cut, you know how painful that can be. Imagine hydrogen peroxide getting into a cracked tooth! This kind of situation can create a very real dental emergency because of the pain involved and the location of the bleach being inside a tooth, near the root. It’s a great idea to include a dentist in your plans when considering bleaching. Your dentist knows to look out for things like cracks in teeth when looking into how to whiten teeth.

Surprising color differences in teeth
Bleaching kits coat teeth with the whitening agent, but the teeth and dental hardware usually react differently. So, the teeth in a bridge may not change color as fast as a natural tooth. In addition, if part of teeth have received a dental application, like a bonding, part of the tooth may brighten, while the rest may stay a duller color.

There are ways to prevent all of these issues. Most of them start with talking about bleaching with your St. Petersburg, FL dentist.

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