The myths surrounding root canal procedures are abundant. Our dentist office serving St. Petersburg, FL handles its fair share of misconceptions. If you ever have any questions about a painful tooth or root canal procedures, please feel free to give us a call or to stop by the office with your question.

Common root canal myths include:

“Aren’t root canals very painful?”
The root canal procedure is usually recommended once an irreversible painful condition is found in the tooth or root structure. But, the procedure itself is accompanied by numbing treatments. They can come in the form of sedation, “laughing gas” and needles. In most cases, patients come in from St. Petersburg, FL with massive pain that subsides during the procedure due to the numbing agents and leave with a much lower level of discomfort. Any remaining discomfort usually goes away within 24 to 48 hours following the procedure and is the result of lingering inflammation of the gums.

“No pain means I don’t need a root canal procedure.”
Sometimes a patient arrives with a tooth that doesn’t hurt, yet the tooth root is dead. When this occurs, the tooth and surrounding tissue cannot fight off an infection. To prevent the inevitable situation of the painful infection, a root canal is performed.

“Root canal procedures will take time away from my work.”
The majority of root canal procedures occur over a single appointment. Occasionally they will take more than one appointment if your dentist needs to refer you to an endodontist to handle the procedure, or if there are special circumstances, usually involving a severe infection.

“Root canal treatments are expensive.”
If you need a root canal, then you are in a painful situation that will just get worse and require a more extreme and expensive plan to correct. If an infected tooth remains untreated, the eventual fix can lead to the need to remove the tooth and replacing it with a bride or dental implant. This is more expensive than a root canal.

If you are feeling pain in a tooth, contact your dentist right away. An infected tooth is an infection that can spread to the gums, jaw bone and the rest of the body through the blood stream.

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