Savings tips from one of the Dentists of St. Petersburg, FL

Do you know the number one way to keep your dental bills to a minimum?

Visit your dentist.
Most of the issues dentists help to address can get worse if not treated. In most cases, fixing the issue once it gets worse is more expensive. As one of the dentists serving St. Petersburg, FL we see our fair share of patients. In most cases, people that don’t see their dentists are the ones that will eventually rack up the highest bills.

Let’s start with regular cleaning.
Regular cleaning in a dentist office helps to clean a build-up of bacterial plaque that can lead to many bad issues.

Regular cleaning by a dentist can help identify improper brushing habits, which can lead to plaque build-up and cavities. The dentist can also see stress-related chewing of the mouth wall or tongue. Evidence of teeth grinding is easily identified in the dentist office.

Regular cleaning is usually mostly covered by insurance programs because insurance companies know that regular cleanings help to prevent keep more severe and costly dental procedures.

Fixing a cavity
Fixing a cavity when it hurts allows the dentist to stop a painful infection from spreading. It also will probably save the tooth and prevent the immediate need for a more expensive root canal.

Speaking of root canals
Root canal procedures are designed to address a tooth that cannot protect itself from infection anymore. A root canal procedure is designed to prevent the immediate need for pulling the tooth and then dealing with a dental implant or bridge to fill the gap in your smile.

Now, if you have dental insurance it is a good idea to understand what it offers and whether it have annual limits that reset each year. This can help you to time your procedures to best fit your financial situations. But, remember, delaying a dental procedure will likely result in a more severe problem and more expensive fixes.

If you don’t have dental insurance, then at least contact a dentist to understand the rates or financing they may have available.

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