Seminole, FL dentist warns about why a tooth is more likely to crack after a toothache

Maher Rashid, D.M.D. is a local dentist in Seminole, FL. He practices at Dolphin Dental on Seminole Blvd, just south of Ulmerton Rd. He explains why a tooth is more likely to crack after a toothache.

“Sometimes, we see new patients who arrive with a cracked, or fully broken tooth. When we talk about the tooth, we frequently find the tooth was causing some pain months before, but then the pain went away. Many times we find the root of the tooth has actually died, leaving the tooth weakened. Without the root to supply nutrients to the tooth, the tooth becomes brittle and much more susceptible to cracks and breaking.”

“It’s usually best if a natural tooth can be saved and reinforced with a root canal procedure and a cap. This help to prevent much more costly procedures to replace the tooth. By saving what’s left of the tooth, we can limit the cost and the amount of time a new patient spends with our office and staff.”

“A tooth has very narrow opening at the bottom of the tooth that allow nutrients into the inside. Once an infection enters the tooth chamber, it usually kills off the pulp and root. In some cases, our new patients have ‘toughed it out’ and moved through the pain as the root died.”

“Our hope is to make a visit to the dentist office quick and as pain free as possible. Our current patients know to come in for a quick check if they are experiencing tooth pain that is lasting for more than a day. Catching a tooth while it is infected give our patients the most options on how to more forward and save the tooth.”

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