Take a quick quiz about Dental Hygiene from a Seminole FL dentist

The Dolphin Dental dentist office has been serving the Seminole, FL community for over 15 years. In that time, we have placed a priority on helping patients understand their dental health and to make the best decisions for themselves after they hear all the options. As part of that effort, here are three questions that make up a quick quiz about dental hygiene. How will you score?

1) What is that soft coating that’s on your teeth if you skipped a day of brushing your teeth?

  1. Tartar
  2. Plaque
  3. Dental Fungus

2) We’ve heard of plaque. But, what is it?

  1. A collection of bacteria that eats sugar and leaves behind acid that dissolves your teeth.
  2. A hard coating on your teeth that gets scraped off by the dentist.
  3. A white sore on your gums that lasts from one to three days.

3) Brushing four times a day is twice as effective as brushing twice a day.

  1. True
  2. False

1) It is called “plaque.” It is a yellow bio film. Did you know you only have 48 hours before plaque starts to harden into tartar? Once it becomes tartar, it is too hard for a toothbrush to clean off. The tartar becomes a home to bacteria that will work to erode your teeth.

2) It is a collection of bacteria that eats sugar and leaves behind acid that dissolves your teeth. That is why brushing your teeth is so important. It scrapes away that bacteria and prevents it from depositing that acid on your teeth.

3) False. Over brushing actually can make teeth sensitive, causing pain. It can also begin to scrape the tooth enamel off your teeth. In addition, gums can be damaged from over brushing causing excessive bleeding, pain and infections. So, just stick with brushing in the morning and before bed.

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