Teeth Cleaning Mistakes from your Seminole, FL Dentist

As a Seminole, FL dentist office, we handle the routine deep cleaning procedures for hundreds of patients each month. We find that a few pieces of home teeth cleaning advice can help prevent any bad news at the next appointment.

Try to brush for two minutes
Most people don’t spend enough time brushing to properly clean the bacterial plaque from their teeth. Two minutes is a good target time. Try to divide your mouth into the top and bottom. Brush the top and count to sixty. Then, switch to the bottom and count up to sixty again. With kids, you might tell them to pretend they are powering up their teeth to fight plaque. Or, have them tap their feet sixty times. You might suggest they see if they can stand on one leg while they brush. The point is to do anything that will keep their interest for brushing sixty seconds on the top and sixty seconds on the bottom.

Brush up and down, not side to side.
The brush stroke should be up and down. You can aim the bristles of the brush at a 45 degree angle towards the gum line. Sliding the brush front to back misses too many areas where plaque builds up. It also can act like a saw and scrape the gum line causing little cuts and swelling.

Rinse that toothbrush.
A tooth brush may have done a great job scraping off the bacterial plaque from the teeth, but it still has the bacteria on the bristles. Remember to rinse out that toothbrush to help clean off the bacteria that causes the plaque. Kids are particularly prone to rush out of the bathroom without rinsing those toothbrushes.

Let the toothbrush dry after each use
Don’t place that toothbrush in a nice dark and damp drawer, where the bacteria can multiply. Shake off the toothbrush and give it a place to air out.

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