Last week, one of our former teeth whitening patients from St. Petersburg, FL was asking about teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is usually accompanied by a few common questions about safety, pain and the time investment. In this case, our patient was asking about how fast teeth whitening can show its effects for a friend who was planning a St. Petersburg wedding two weeks away.
The considerations about the time needed to complete teeth whitening includes both the total actual number of hours you spend dealing with the whitening, versus how many days you are dealing with the treatment (treatment duration).

Most of the time, when people are asking about teeth whitening relative to an event, they are asking about the duration of the treatment. They want to know if they start the treatment as soon as possible, will it be complete by the time their event takes place a few days away.

A typical high-quality treatment plan that includes a dentist’s involvement usually has a combination of a short, but intensive, in-office initial treatment that produces immediate results, followed by some home treatments to pursue a brighter shade. The office part sometimes involves a machine that uses light to brighten the teeth. You’d just need to be in the dentist office for an hour or so. You’d leave with a kit that you can use at home. The kit usually includes a rubber tray that was shaped to your teeth. At home, you place a gel in the tray and wear it around the house for 30 minutes.

Other kinds of treatments can achieve a fast, but minimal effect. Off the shelf products purchased at a local St. Pete drug store can be used as soon as you get home. Most include a multi-day plan to re-apply the teeth whitening tool to find a little more whiteness with each application.

No matter what choice you pursue, stay aware of safety and cosmetic issues. Safety issues for teeth whitening usually revolve around understanding what pain or sensitivity to expect and how to address it. The cosmetic issues are more complicated. The different teeth whitening tools come with varying abilities to fully cover teeth, different life spans for the whitening results, and different chemicals that can affect teeth, caps, veneers, and bridges differently.

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