Toothache pain is a common reason new patients come to Dolphin Dental, a dentist office serving the St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding communities. Handling a dental emergency like toothache pain is a routine process our staff is trained to handle well.

Tooth pain usually comes in two forms, temporary and ongoing.

Temporary pain is still painful, but will usually go away in a few hours. This can be due to many reasons:

Exposing teeth to cold or hot foods and drink can create a temporary sensitivity pain. Typically, ice cream can be a cause.

Teeth that have had some trauma, such as an impact, can flare up. Sometimes the pain feels like it is coming lower on the gum line for these situations.

For temporary pain, normal over the counter pain management medication, like aspirin or ibuprofen, are appropriate. In addition, if there is some swelling, an ice pack on the outside of the mouth can help to limit pain. If the pain persists longer than a day, then it’s time for a visit to the dentist office for an evaluation.

For pain that is constant, or that comes back often, there is a need for a visit to the dentist office.

Chronic pain is usually an indication of a situation that should be corrected.

Frequently, chronic pain is felt when a tooth is infected and needs a filling, or root canal. Other times, the pain is due to a situation like gum disease or grinding teeth in your sleep. A trained dentist can diagnose these kinds of situations and make recommendations on how to stop pain and how to stop damage to your teeth and gums.

“Toothache pain relief is a classic dentist situation. Our goal is to stop the pain as soon as possible. We urge new patients to visit the office a soon as possible because their pain usually stops as soon as we can see them, even if there is still some dental work to do,” says Maher Rashid,DMD, of Dolphin Dental, a dentist office serving the St. Petersburg, FL community.

Our friendly dedicated staff greets you by name and with a warm smile. Dr. Maher Rashid, Dr. Murad Rashid, and our entire team of experienced dental professionals are committed to treating you with respect, personal attention and a higher level of care that comes from decades of combined dental experience. At Dolphin Dental Group, we take the time to listen because there is simply no better way to ensure you get the gentle care and beautiful smile you deserve. We take care to make our dentistry practice the best it can be. We serve the Seminole, Largo, and St. Petersburg, Florida areas.

We would like to be your Seminole, FL dentist office. Please Contact Us to let us show you how much we care about our patients.

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