Our Seminole, FL office is visited frequently with new patients complaining of a toothache. Many times, they have waited too long and now need a more involved procedure than if they had come in to have the tooth checked when the pain started. There are many reasons people have for waiting to get a toothache checked out. But, when you have toothaches, consider the following timeline and how the risks start to pile up.

Initial Pain – The first 24 hours of a toothache
There are many things that can happen to cause tooth pain. Most of them are due to a temporary situation that occurred, and the pain goes away within 24 hours. Eating ice cream at the Seminole Mall with a cold-sensitive tooth can produce pain for up to three hours. Getting a jarring knock to a tooth can cause some swelling and sensitivity in the gum line. Getting some food caught in your gum line can cause temporary pain. If the pain goes away within a few hours, there is usually nothing to worry about.

Severe pain that goes away after a week
When a toothache causes severe pain for a week or two and then the pain goes away, you may be in a very delicate situation. This is what happens when a tooth root dies. Your tooth may have had its root and blood supply stopped. When the tooth nerve dies in this process, the tooth frequently stops relaying a pain signal to your brain. The danger is that the tooth is now defenseless to defend itself again infection due to not having a live root with a blood flow. Now, it’s a matter of time before bacteria find their way into the tooth cavity and start to create a painful infection that is a one-way trip to the dentist office for a root canal or removal of the tooth. There are tests that dentists can do to determine if the a tooth has good blood flow, called a “vital” tooth. A “non-vital” tooth means it has no vitality, or life, left in it.

A pain that comes back again and again
If a pain comes back again and again over the course of a few days, then something is probably going wrong. This is a good time to get things checked out at a dentist office. Dentists are trained to ask questions about eating, stress and sleeping habits that can determine the cause of the reoccurring pain. At that point, a solution can be quickly found.

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