We know that many Largo residents will put off going to the dentist for as long as possible. However, not only is this not a smart idea, but it can cause you to develop serious conditions that could have easily been avoided. So, besides brushing and flossing every day, regularly visiting a dentist is the key to keeping your mouth healthy—and preventing frequent visits for serious procedures!

Some of the most common problems we treat at Dolphin Dental include:

  1. Bad breath. It may seem harmless, but more than 80% of people suffering from bad breath have an underlying dental condition causing the odor, ranging from cavities or gum disease to bacteria on the tongue. If you have an underlying condition causing your bad breath, mouth wash will only mask the smell, not actually cure it. Visit your doctor to rule out any serious conditions.
  2. Tooth sensitivity. If you experience pain from eating or drinking anything too cold or too hot, you could be suffering from one of the most common dental problems. Tooth sensitivity can be extremely uncomfortable and frustrating when you can’t enjoy your favorite foods without suffering. However, with the help of a Largo dentist, your tooth sensitivity can be treated!
  3. Mouth sores. No matter if they are ulcers, canker sores, cold sores, or fever blisters, mouth sores are both uncomfortable and pretty common. While you don’t need to worry about them unless it lasts for more than a week or two, you can ask your doctor for ways to prevent them from happening again.
  4. Erosion. Caused by acid eating away at your teeth, symptoms of this can include sensitivity or cracked teeth. And while it is easily prevented with regular cleanings, it is an extremely common problem that worsens overtime when left untreated.
  5. Unattractive smile. While this isn’t a medical “problem,” it can be a huge self-esteem issue if you are embarrassed to smile because of some stains or crooked teeth. Many Largo dentists will be able to let you know what your cosmetic options are, so you can laugh with confidence!

At Dolphin Dental in Largo, we see many patients who tell us they put off their visits, simply because they are afraid of the dentist. We try to help you feel as comfortable as possible in our office, from the friendly staff member that greets you to the warm blanket we offer during the exams, everything is done for you!

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