Two Facts about Dental Implants from a Largo FL dentist office

Here are two quick tips about dental implants from our dentists at Dolphin Dental, a dentist office serving the Largo, FL community.

If you are looking for a Largo, FL dentist, please call our front desk so we can help to hear about your needs and to explain our dental service philosophy. We focus on having highly qualified and friendly staff work with you to feel appreciated and to meet your dental goals. We deal with dental implants all the time.

Tip 1 Dental Implants Should be seen as an investment
Dental implants are designed to create the best anchor point available for dental hardware that needs to be placed. Part of the process for an implant includes a procedure to place the implant in the jawbone and to allow time for the titanium pin to fuse to the surrounding bone. This kind of precision work usually takes a few visits to prepare for and to complete properly. The payoff of this time and effort is a permanent anchor point ready for any future changes to the needs of your mouth. The implant also frequently enables you to avoid having work done on teeth adjacent to the issue because the implant is strong enough and the hardware won’t need nearby teeth to get crowns to act as anchor points for a bridge. “Implants not only help to fix current dental issues, but they can have different hardware attached down the road,” says Dr. Maher Rashid DMD of Dolphin Dental, a dentist office serving the Largo, FL community.

Tip 2 Dental Implants feel more natural
When the titanium implant fuses to the jawbone, it creates a natural “tooth” feeling. Instead of having a “fake tooth” supported by nearby teeth, the implant allows the “fake tooth” to be secured to the jawbone. There is no other dental procedure that can provide a more natural feeling when using the new tooth. “Our patients comment that implants feel more natural than their previous dental work,” says Dr. Rashid.

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