Way more than you ever wanted to know about Tooth Enamel. St. Petersburg FL dental office shares the secrets of tooth enamel

As a dentist office serving the St. Petersburg, FL community, we make extensive efforts to be seen as a modern dentistry office. This includes investments in our customer service, technology and training. We’re so passionate about dentistry and great customer service that we often learn way more than the average person wants to know about dental topics, like tooth enamel.

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Here are a few facts about tooth enamel that will have you looking like a dental genius at the next trivia game night.

Did you know tooth enamel was harder than steel?

Scientists use a handful of measurement scales to measure the hardness of substances. On the popular Mohs scale , tooth enamel turns in a number of 5, while steel only earns a 4.5. It’s a good thing tooth enamel is so strong. Being the surface of the tooth you use to munch up food, it needs to be able to defeat whatever you are eating.

If you’re not careful, your tooth enamel will fall victim to a mushy bacteria.

As powerful as tooth enamel is, the long term effects of a mushy bacteria commonly called plaque, will overcome tooth enamel. As plaque feeds on sugars left in your mouth, it hardens and produces acid that will dissolve your tooth enamel. So, keep up your daily brushing, flossing and rinsing routine to help keep that plaque away from your teeth.

Tooth enamel doesn’t heal.
You get one shot at tooth enamel. It’s the hardest substance in the human body and doesn’t regenerate. So, protect what enamel you have.

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