Do you need wisdom teeth removal, but still have questions you would like answered before visiting the dentist? Like, where to go in the Largo area to see a qualified and compassionate dentist? Or, what are the necessary steps to take that will ease my physical distress after wisdom tooth extraction? The points described below will ease your anxiety that may have developed since the possibility of having a tooth removed entered your mind.

A pre-examination is required before a dentist will perform surgery to determine current teeth conditions. A dental x-ray will also be performed to help the dentist view your teeth shape, positioning and depth. It is important to see an x-ray of your wisdom teeth, so your dentist can accurately view their placement.

Avoiding Emotional Distress
When it comes time to schedule your wisdom teeth removal in Largo, finding a dentist you feel comfortable with and that is open to address any concerns that you may have is paramount. Some of the topics to discuss are cost, the treatment plan, or the type of anesthesia that will be used for the procedure. If you are nervous about the procedure, let the doctor know. The goal of meeting with the dentist before the actual extraction is to become more comfortable with the procedure!

Minimizing Physical Distress
It is important to rest the day of your wisdom teeth removal surgery and to follow doctor’s orders precisely for managing pain. Here are some tips to make sure you heal as quickly as possible after your surgery:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Stick to liquids and soft foods; chew in the front of your mouth
  • Do not drink out of straw; the sucking can cause your stitches to pull
  • Keep your mouth clean by gently rinsing with water
  • Make sure the empty socket where your wisdom teeth were is kept clean; food can easily get caught in these spots

Dolphin Dental
At Dolphin Dental, we know that wisdom teeth removal can be a scary subject. However, we aim to make the process as stress free as possible for you. We use the latest technologies, techniques and scientific advances in dentistry. For more information, call us today at (727)393-9334.

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