If you are unhappy with your smile, and wondering what options are available to you, it may be time to meet with a cosmetic dentist in Seminole. A damaged smile can keep you from fully enjoying yourself, as well as affecting your eating and speaking abilities. This type of dentist will be able to fully restore functionality, and also give you a beautiful new smile which will increase your confidence.

When you first meet with a Seminole cosmetic dentist, you will immediately see the wide variety of techniques you can take advantage of. Some of the most common procedures include:

  • Invisalign. Instead of the unsightly metal brackets and wires, Invisalign is a better looking alternative that consists of clear aligners that will slowly straighten out crooked or overlapping teeth.
  • Fill in gaps. Whether you are missing teeth or just have a few gaps, you can take advantage of dental implants, bridges, crowns, or even dentures to fill in the space and complete your smile.
  • Restore damages. Our teeth go through a lot, and if yours have chips or cracks, consult with a cosmetic dentist in Seminole today. Oftentimes veneers will be a great way to conceal imperfections.
  • Reshape teeth. No matter if you think they are too small, too big, too pointy, or shaped weirdly, there are a few cosmetic techniques your dentist can use to reshape them to the perfect size and shape.
  • Whitening. There are so many foods and drinks that can cause discolorations, which is why whitening can be so helpful. Your Seminole dentist will be able to offer you either an in home kit or perform an office procedure. They will make a custom fit mouthpiece to make sure every tooth receives the correct amount of whitening solution.

If you are unhappy with your smile, don’t suffer any longer! At Dolphin Dental in Seminole, our cosmetic dentist will fully assist you in achieving the best smile possible. Our friendly staff will greet you when you come in for an appointment, and we will make you feel comfortable as we discuss your options. We will always take the time to clearly explain every procedure, and are happy to help you decide which is best for you!

If you would like to make an appointment, call us today at 727-393-9334 to see how we can help you!

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