Wisdom tooth issues? Here are a few facts for our St. Petersburg, FL patients

A wisdom tooth can cause a variety of issues for our St. Petersburg, FL patients. But, knowing a few facts about the wisdom tooth can help you to handle your concerns. As a dentist office, our younger St. Petersburg, FL patients frequently ask about a wisdom tooth that is concerning them. Here’s a few of the common questions:

Does everybody have wisdom teeth?
Not really. Only 65% of people ever develop their wisdom teeth.

I just spend a lot of years and effort straightening my teeth, do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed to protect their alignment?
Probably. It is very rare to see a complete set of 32 teeth in an adult’s mouth, where all the teeth are properly aligned. Pulling wisdom teeth can help to prevent some potential alignment issues.

If a wisdom tooth is impacted but now causing pain, why do I need to have it removed?
A wisdom tooth that does not rise correctly from the gums can cause many bad situations. One of the most common ones is when wisdom tooth emerges part-way through the gums and stops. The flap of gumline that covers the rest of the top of the wisdom tooth can be very susceptible to the buildup of plaque. This leads to infection and the need to have the tooth removed. In addition, a poorly placed wisdom tooth can damage the normal “2nd” molar that commonly serves as the last tooth, furthest back, not including the wisdom tooth. A impacted wisdom tooth can damage the roots of the 2nd molars and cause them to fail. In this case you may need both the wisdom tooth and the 2nd molar removed to prevent the spread of infection.

Do wisdom teeth hurt to have removed?
Not usually. Oral surgeons are trained to help patients avoid feeling pain during a tooth extraction procedure. We have many options and tactics for suppressing the pain sensation. In addition, following a wisdom tooth extraction, patients are routinely given a prescription for medication to help recover over the next couple days.

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