When our new St. Petersburg, FL patients ask us about cosmetic dentistry, we like to take time to hear about their goals and concerns. Sometimes people want to improve on some aspect of their smile that has been a nuisance for years. But, in other cases, we find a pattern of the teeth degrading over time. This pattern is of great concern for us, because if there is a destructive pattern, it will most likely affect anything a cosmetic dentist would put in place. These destructive patterns come in many forms:

A “bad bite”
Cosmetic dentists are trained to look for a “bad bite.” This focuses on how the lower jaw brings the teeth up to meet the upper jaw. How the teeth touch can create many problems that work to grind down your teeth. The dental training focused on this situation is called occlusion dentistry and it handles occlusal problems. Having a “bad bite” is called a malocclusion. Having a malocclusion can cause all kinds of destructive things to happen from wearing teeth down, gum problems and jaw muscle pain. Addressing a “bad bite” is a priority that should be handled before investing in many kinds of cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth Staining
Eating and smoking habits can cause teeth to take on darker shades, which defeats and damages many things a cosmetic dentist can do for your smile. It is common knowledge that coffee and smoking damages the look of your teeth.

Your dental hygiene
If you don’t take care of your teeth, the effects of cosmetic dentistry will be jeopardized by the future work the dentist will need to perform to keep you r teeth healthy. For example, a veneer glued to a tooth goes away with a tooth that winds up needing to be removed due to poor hygiene.

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