Our Largo, FL Dental office handles many new patients each month who complain of tooth pain. We find that the most common sources of tooth pain are:

Cavities Causing Pain
With a schedule of routine dental cleanings, most cavities are caught before they can get worse and start to cause pain. Yet, many of the cases of tooth pain we see from new patients are being caused by cavities. Cavities can form on the tooth, between the teeth, in the dentin of a tooth and below the gum line. You are much more likely to see this kind of pain if you have poor dental cleaning habits like flossing, brushing and rinsing.

Gum Disease Pain
Gum disease is the result of bacteria causing the gums to swell and bleed easily. If this persists, the gums will begin to recede as the bone structures under the gums dissolves. This is why people with gum disease look like their gums are receding and their teeth look longer and bigger.

Cracked teeth
Cracked teeth are a huge source of tooth pain. With a general weakening of the teeth with age, as a retirement community, Seminole, FL sees a lot of cracked teeth. Usually cracked teeth occur in older patients, but it is not uncommon to see a young patient in the office after chomping down on a jaw breaker candy or shell.

Some tooth pain is just a part of who you are. Some of us have healthy AND sensitive teeth. But, if a tooth pain has developed recently, it is usually a sign of something bad happening in your mouth. It’s a good idea to make an appointment with your dentist to take a look. Tooth pain rarely just goes away. It almost always get worse requiring more intensive dental procedures to fix. Cracked teeth might be saved. Cavities might be filled, saving the tooth. So, don’t delay. Once a tooth pain appears, get it checked out.

Our friendly dedicated staff greets you by name and with a warm smile. Dr. Maher Rashid, Dr. Murad Rashid, and our entire team of experienced dental professionals are committed to treating you with respect, personal attention and a higher level of care that comes from decades of combined dental experience. At Dolphin Dental Group, we take the time to listen because there is simply no better way to ensure you get the gentle care and beautiful smile you deserve. We take care to make our dentistry practice the best it can be. We serve the Seminole, St. Petersburg, and Largo, Florida areas.

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